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Hey, guys!  I've had a little extra time lately, so I'm trying to finish 
earning credits for my membership, so that I can start downloading books 
again!  Don't worry, though, as long as I have some time, I'll keep scanning 
after I finish earning those credits! <Smile>  Anyway, I wasn't able to get 
my latest pile of library books until today, so last night I dug out a 
favorite Christian thriller/romance that I read about 10 years ago.  It was 
so much fun to work on that I think I just might have to read it again now! 
<LOL>  It's called Beloved Stranger, and it's written by Judith Pella, one 
of my favorite authors.  An excellent read, and hopefully an easy validation 
for someone, despite all the Spanish words! <Smile>  Here's the info from 
the back cover:

After a chance meeting off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Frank Stefano and 
Shelby Martin sense an immediate chemistry between them-a bond that blossoms 
as their relationship deepens. With her father's recent death and a runaway 
mother, Shelby finds herself more than willing to put sorrows behind her and 
start anew with a man who reflects all that she desires in a soul mate.

At Shelby's urging, a spur-of-the-moment wedding follows their whirlwind 
romance. But upon their return to California, the honeymoon begins to 
crumble as Frank's shadowed past-one that Shelby was willing to ignore-takes 
on a dark and mysterious edge. Amid confusing allegations, Shelby's faith in 
her husband-and in a God who loves-is shaken to the core. Where will she 
find the strength she needs to face an uncertain future?



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