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Robert, I've pasted it in and attached it as rtf. I know sometimes you have 
trouble with attachments.


have begged them all to come to Budapest with us. It is easier to hide in a big 
city, I tell them. But they all say, "What about food? How will we live? The 
whole country is suffering from shortages and famine. At least we can grow our 
own food, raise our own chickens in the country."

Everyone believes they are safer here in the provinces. No one will listen to 
me except for Sarah's mother. And so tomorrow I will take her and my wife and 
daughter to Budapest to stay with Abba's brother Baruch, if he will have us.

I love you, Mama and Abba. And I am hoping that even if the worst happens to 
us, you will receive this letter one day.

I place all of my trust in Hashem, who is able to keep us in His care.

Love always,


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  I need page 146 of the book you submitted this morning. It is the page just 
before chapter 17. While We Are Apart.

Jamie in Michigan

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