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Robert, I've pasted it in and attached it as rtf. I know sometimes you have
trouble with attachments.

* *

* *


* *

*have begged them all *to *come to Budapest with **us. It *is *easier to
hide *in a *big city, I tell them. But they all say, "What about *food? How
will *we live? The whole *country *is suffering from shortages and famine.
At least we can grow our *own *food, raise *our own *chickens *in *the *

Everyone *believes *they are *safer here *in *the provinces. No one will
listen to me *except *for Sarah's mother. And so *tomorrow I will *take her
and *my *wife and daughter to Budapest to *stay *with Abba's brother Baruch,
**if he *will *have us.*

*I love you, Mama and Abba. *And I *am *hoping *that even if the worst
happens to us, you will receive this letter one day.*

*I place all **of *my *trust in Hashem, who *is *able to keep us in His

*Love always,*


On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 8:10 PM, robert tweedy <roberttweedy@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>   I need page 146 of the book you submitted this morning. It is the page
> just before chapter 17. While We Are Apart.

Jamie in Michigan

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