[bksvol-discuss] Re: I need a sighted proofreader for several books, please.

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will do.

Hi Cindy,
    Thanks so much!  Actually, if you can get 
Lucky, Suckerpunch, and/or Madapple, that would be great!  And for all of 
these, simply telling me the chapter names/or numbers and the number of the 
pages on which they appear would be perfect!  That way, it would be a 
totally quick job, a wonderful sense of acccomplishment without spending hours 
and hours, and you'd be doing me a help that I can't do for 
What do you think?
Valerie may be able to deal with The Bermudez Triangle, so we 
might not have to worry about that one!
And, I just thought of this,  and I can ask again later, 
but for the beginning of each chapter, could you please also tell me the first 
few words of the first sentence, so that if our page numbering is different 
(different editions of the book, perhaps) I can put them exactly where they 
Thanks again, and if you change your mind, please, don't 
hesitate to say so.

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sighted proofreader for several books, please.

      I'm more than happy to help with these books. I've 
      requested them all, and will work on the chapter titles and first word 
      problem as soon as they come in. I may have to wait a bit for Bermudez 
      Lucky. In both cases, a copy is missing and a couple of others are 
      out, but there are still some available. I don't know yet where I am on 
      the hold list.

I'll reread your note  to see if you mentioned 
      what pages need the beginning words provided. As for the chapter titles, 
      either I can send you the page number and the title in times new roman 16 
      or you can send me the pages and I can out them right on the page. 
      pleased to be able to help and return in some small way the help you've 
      given me. (They look like interesting books to read. I'm sorry they don't 
      need more proofing, though the fixing I can do right away and proofing 
      would have to be delayed until I finish what I'm working 


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] 
        I need a sighted proofreader for several books, please.
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009, 1:45 

        Hi Everyone,

    This last 
        batch of library books that I received have what is for me
a common 
        problem.  Many of them have chapter headings that did not 
well.  I can't get these books up to my standards of what a 
        book should be
without sighted help.  There will be very little 
        for a proofreader to do on
most of these books, but it does need to 
        be a sighted person with a copy of
the book in hand to fix what I 
        have not been able to fix.  I'll explain
about each 

Sucker Punch by David Hernandez 
ISBN 978-0-06-117331-8 
        (lib. bdg.)
I could not find a single place to put a chapter heading 
        in this book.  None
scanned and I saw no indication of where to 
        put them.
I have proofread and formatted this book thoroughly. All 
        that this book
needs is to have chapter headings inserted, or Three 
        asterisks in their
stead, if the only indication of where sections 
        begin is white space.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen 
ISBN 1-59514-019-0 (hardcover)
This book has also been 
        proofread thoroughly.  All chapter headings are
present and all 
        formatting has been done.  However, the first few words of
        chapter are in a font that did not scan clearly at all.  A 
proofreader would need to insert the proper first few words 
        of each chapter.
But I've done everything else.

Lucky by 
        Rachel Vail
ISBN 978-0-06-089044-5 (lib. bdg.)
This book too has 
        been proofread thoroughly (every single word is what I
mean by 
        thoroughly) and formatted properly.  However, not all 
headings scanned.  Some I could not figure out where to 
        place, and some I
had to guess at.  I need a sighted proofreader 
        to make sure that all chapter
headings are in the proper places and 
        enlarge and bold those that he/she
needs to insert.

Madapple by Christina Meldrum
I won't ask anyone to 
        proofread this book yet.  I haven't read or cleaned up
some junk 
        that I can't identify. I wonder, would someone be willing to get 
copy from his/her library and send me a list of chapter headings 
        and the
numbers of pages on which each begins?  Then I can do 
        the clean-up on this
book and read it.

Any help with any of 
        these is much appreciated. Thanks for anything anyone
is able to help 


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