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Hi Everyone, Recieved approval for the following Historical Romance. Enjoy, Tom
Date:  08-21-06

Category:  Historical Romance

Pages:  367

Title:  My Lord Destiny


Author:  Eve Byron 


Copyright:  1999 by Connie Rinehold


Short Synopsis: An Avon Historical Romance


ISBN:  0-380-80365-8


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: Gavin St. Aldan, the Earl of St. Aldan, 
appeared in Priscilla Whitmore's millinery shoppe wanting only to purchase 
flipperies.  He never expected that his orderly world would be turned upside 
down by a beautiful, blue eyed temptress who treated his attentions with 
disdain.  Until that moment, Gavan lived in an orderly world, where you married 
for love then found your pleasures elsewhere; didn't Priscilla know what she 
was doing to him?  Priscilla knew full well what men, especially ones like 
Gavan, wanted from a woman, but that didn't mean she had to give in.  True, the 
breathtaking handsome aristocrat had ladylike Priss thinking in some very 
shocking ways.  But she had been hurt before, and wasn't about to make the same 
mistake twice.  Yet neither realize they've been touched by magic, intoxicating 
irritable, and soon they're powerless to resist the passion growing between 


Notes:  The copyright was verified by a sighted person.

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