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Hi Kellie, yep! I now do that and a find and replace for the optional hyphens. 
I'd say in the average book those two amount to about 1500 fixes right off the 
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  Hi Tom,
  My condolences on having your computer eat your books folder. I suffered the 
exact same tragedy a few years ago due to haste and idiocy, and I'm still 
gritting my teeth when I think about it. <lol> As to your page break dilemma, 
what program are you using again? Did you say Omnipage before? Anyway, it may 
be a program whose section breaks the Bookshare utility, as well as Word, are 
not recognizing as page breaks. To complicate matters, there are different 
types of section breaks, but Word does not differentiate between them. I would 
suggest that you just make replacing the section breaks with hard page breaks 
part of your procedure for Bookshare submissions. It's a one-shot deal, and 
it's probably the simplest solution you'll find.

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