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That's what I was thinking. It has never been true and I would be interested in knowing where that guideline was found. I think something must have been misinterpreted about it. In any case, though, let me add that it might not be a bad rule to follow. That is, if a book exists in accessible format elsewhere I think it should be given a lower priority for adding to Bookshare. Note that I did not say that it should be entirely avoided. It is a simple matter that it is already in accessible format somewhere and there are other books that are not in accessible format anywhere. It is those latter books that should be given priority.

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MessageThis is certainly not true. To the best of my knowledge, it has never been true.


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From what the guidelines say, the book can't be in any other "book accessibility" format at another place like RFB&D, NLS/BARD and so on. Is this still true? If it is, I fear that a lot of bookshare books need to go away then.

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