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Hi Guys,
I tried to see what you all are seeing, but my screen reader didn't want to
tell me there was anything to see.  However, in case this is relevant, and
please forgive me if it isn't, there is a setting in word's autocorrect
features that needs to be turned off wherein three asterisks are turned into
a borderline if the option is not disabled.  If this isn't the problem, I'm
really sorry for having put my nose in where it was completely uninformed.
If, perhaps these instructions might help, and a borderline is what is
appearing, here are instructions from the proofreading guidelines that might
fix the problem.
Stop conversion to border lines:

Go to Tools Menu  (short cut = alt T), 

Click on "Autocorrect Options"

click on tab "AutoFormat As You Type"

Uncheck box labeled "Border Lines"

asterisks (and equal signs, dashes, etc.) will no longer convert themselves
to lines (or borders).


Hope that was helpful.


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I have found that, if I first make 3 blank lines, then go back and put the 3
asterisks on the middle line, Word doesn't do this. It shows the 3 asterisks
as it should.

Melissa Smith

On 6/18/2010 12:31 AM, Valerie Maples wrote: 

Hi, Pamela! 

What you have is when you type three asterisks and hit enter.  You can undo
it immediately with CTRL Z, but otherwise you need to copy and paste the
page in to a plain text notepad file and then copy above it and paste into
the original document and then the bottom, with a blank line between and
return to type the three asterisks. 

I would love to find a simpler way and am more than open to suggestions if
others have better workarounds.


On Jun 17, 2010, at 9:05 PM, Pamela Hoffard wrote:

Does anyone know what this square-dotted line is?  When I put my cursor over
it, it gives me a double line with an arrow above and below the lines?  I'm
using Word 2007 to do the proofing.  I can't delete it the normal ways and I
have all formatting marks turned on.

Has anybody encountered this before??

This is what it looks like:

We'll be waiting a long time for that perfect husband, and we'll be awfully
disappointed during the waiting.

Here's the difference:


You wish for a relationship

you dream of a husband

you long for a perfect man.


You wish for some cash

you dream of more money

you long for enough money to take away all your problems 

Thanks for any help,


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