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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 01:41:43 -0500

I?ve just submitted C. S. Lewis? The Magician?s Nephew. I pre-validated it, so 
unless something happened in the upload it should be a fun and easy validation.

On the copyright-info page there is a note that the Chronicles "have been 
renumbered in compliance with the original wishes of the author." The copyright 
was renewed in 1983. I can?t remember the order in which my children read it, 
but it was at least a decade before 1983. I don?t remember titles The 
Magician?s Nephew or The Horse and His Boy, but that probably is just my faulty 
memory. Does anyone happen to have an earlier Chronicles and know what the 
original order was? I keep thinking the first was The Lion, the Witch and the 
Wardrobe, and that the adventure began when a boy went into the wardrobe ? but 
then this book doesn?t make any sense. I wonder if it was written later than 
the original set of books. The end of it implies that this precedes by a 
generation the story in The Lion . . . 

The copyright info page had two ISBN numbers, one for regular and one for 
library binding. The upload page wouldn?t take both; I?m assuming, from the 
research I did and what the binding looks like, that this is a library binding 
book and that?s the ISBN number I used. Is there a for-sure way to tell, does 
anybody know? 


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