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Hi Julia,

        I hate to tell you this, but both of those Anne Perry books are
already on Bookshare, rated excellent.  They were scanned by Jamie, so
unless the validator made a real hash of them, they really are excellent
scans.  So, Uh, sorry to tell you this, but you wasted your time.  I hate
when that happens to me!  And It does!



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Ok, here's what's up. I just got done scanning a four hundred page novel,
it's actually two novels in one, A Christmas Guest and A Christmas Secret by
Anne Perry. But, unfortunately there's rather a big catch. I just now
discovered that all of the letter y's are actually ts. Is anyone willing to
take this Herculean task on? I'd do it only I have three pages of dialogue
to Modernize for school, and am leaving for Portland in a week. I even
optimized this baby and it still messed up. 

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