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Carrie and others--

I've discovered that things in the email message that don't show up will when I 
hit reply or forward, so I sometimes do that just to see what the message is. 
This used to happen a lot with Grace's messages, I think. If it was smart 
quotes, and that makes sense seeing their locations,  then the validator didn't 
replace them with straight quotes but just added them. Ugh.


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> Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 12:43 PM
> Hi Bob,
> Unfortunately your example is white on white, so we sighted
> people can't see it unless we highlight the page.  Once
> highlighted, it looks like there are a bunch of capital
> A's with carets on top, which John Glass said were
> smart quotes. (This occurred last week, with another book).
> Evidently the stripper chokes on smart quotes.  We need
> garden-variety, ordinary, normal, stupid quotes in books.
> Do you have a list of books that are mangled this way? 
> I'll try to fix them.
> Carrie
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> Just to add to this post here's an example. 
> Â"Then I pass,Â"Ben said.
> The bartender shrugged and started to move away when Ben
> laid his badge on 
> the counter. The bartender looked at the badge then up at
> Ben, obviously 
> unimpressed.
> Â"Two people were gunned down in front of your place
> about twenty minutes 
> ago,Â"Ben said. 
> The bartender's stare never wavered. Â"Yeah, so I
> heard.Â"
> Â"Don't suppose you heard the shots?Â"
> Â"I don't suppose I did,Â"the bartender
> drawled.
> Â"Then who called the cops?Â"Ben asked.
> The bartender shrugged. Â"Some guy came in off the
> street, said there were 
> two bodies in the snow. I showed him where the phone was.
> He used it. That's all 
> I know.Â"
> Â"Is he still here?Â"Ben asked.
> Â"Nope.Â"
> Â"Can you tell me what he looked like?Â"
> Â"Nope.Â"
> Ben had to resist the urge to grab the bartender's
> shirt and shake that 
> insolent tone out of his voice. 
> He turned around and raised his voice so that it could be
> heard throughout 
> the small room. 
> Â"Anybody in here see what happened outside?Â"
> Nobody answered. 
> Â"Anybody hear anything . . . like gunshots
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Butterfly
> Someone take a look at Butterfly and no this is a 
> different one that was put into the collection earlier.
> There is a mark in it  but can't reproduce it here but
> it throws everything off with speech. I  cleaned my copy up
> that I downloaded and there were over 5400 in the book. It 
> is at the beginning and end of quotes. This should have
> been easy to fix and  there have been a few books like
> this.
> msn rftweedy@xxxxxxxx phone number 316.5245454  skype
> bobwichitaks

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