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Hi Bob,

Unfortunately your example is white on white, so we sighted people can't see it 
unless we highlight the page.  Once highlighted, it looks like there are a 
bunch of capital A's with carets on top, which John Glass said were smart 
quotes. (This occurred last week, with another book). Evidently the stripper 
chokes on smart quotes.  We need garden-variety, ordinary, normal, stupid 
quotes in books.
Do you have a list of books that are mangled this way?  I'll try to fix them.


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Just to add to this post here's an example.  Â"Then I pass,Â"Ben said.
The bartender shrugged and started to move away when Ben laid his badge on 
the counter. The bartender looked at the badge then up at Ben, obviously 
Â"Two people were gunned down in front of your place about twenty minutes 
ago,Â"Ben said. 
The bartender's stare never wavered. Â"Yeah, so I heard.Â"
Â"Don't suppose you heard the shots?Â"
Â"I don't suppose I did,Â"the bartender drawled.
Â"Then who called the cops?Â"Ben asked.
The bartender shrugged. Â"Some guy came in off the street, said there were 
two bodies in the snow. I showed him where the phone was. He used it. That's 
I know.Â"
Â"Is he still here?Â"Ben asked.
Â"Can you tell me what he looked like?Â"
Ben had to resist the urge to grab the bartender's shirt and shake that 
insolent tone out of his voice. 
He turned around and raised his voice so that it could be heard throughout 
the small room. 
Â"Anybody in here see what happened outside?Â"
Nobody answered. 
Â"Anybody hear anything . . . like gunshots
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Someone take a look at Butterfly and no this is a  different one that was put 
into the collection earlier. There is a mark in it  but can't reproduce it here 
but it throws everything off with speech. I  cleaned my copy up that I 
downloaded and there were over 5400 in the book. It  is at the beginning and 
end of quotes. This should have been easy to fix and  there have been a few 
books like this.
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