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Hi Cindy.  I figured I'd send this to group also in case someone wants to 

My brother has found the book I've been wanting at the library.  It is a 
very old book though and I'm a little nervous scanning it.  It just falls 
open at any page and there is no resistance in the binding.  But it seems 
okay and if I'm careful, it should be okay.  I'm not closing the scanner on 

The book is

Two If By Sea
Roger Bax

It was copy right in 1947, shortly after WW2.  It is about several 
Englishmen who marry Russian women during the war and have to smuggle them 
out by sailboat.

The other book I am scanning is The Secret Cardinal, which Cindy knows 
about.  That is about a priest in China who has been secretly appointed 
cardinal.  It tells about what happens to him under Chinese government and 
the project of getting him out of China.

Anyway, Just letting you all  know.
Mary Anne Lynskey 

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