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O.K., Diane. I've downloaded it and will reject it
with a note saying that the submitter wants to make
some corrections and resubmit.


--- Diane Scalzi <dscalzi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the input, Gerald.  The book I submitted
> also has a listing of
> other books from the publisher in the back, which I
> guess you are saying
> should be omitted since it constitutes advertising. 
> I would like to get
> this book back so I can work on it myself, since it
> seems to need
> significant editing.  Do I wait for someone to
> reject it, or can I download
> it as if I were going to validate it myself?  If I
> need to wait for a
> rejection, I hope someone will do it right away. 
> Thanks.
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> January
> Diane,
> I don't believe K-1000 has the capability to strip
> the text from headers or
> footers and leave the page numbers yet.  I think
> it's been asked for though
> to make preparing books for Bookshare easier. 
> Please leave them in the
> book.  They make it possible for members to discuss
> books with friends or in
> a class.  Several have said it's very frustrating
> when people are
> referencing a particular page and they have trouble
> finding it because
> someone stripped the entire header and/or footer.
> As for captions, I don't think it will matter if you
> move them slightly so
> that one falls between two paragraphs to allow the
> book to read better.
> It's not critical that they are even left in, but I
> believe they usually
> are.  It depends on the circumstances and whether or
> not they're considered
> main content.  If the pictures appear on a page
> which is not included in the
> page numbering, then feel free to leave them out or
> move them to the end of
> the book.  By not included in the page numbering,
> I'm referring to pages by
> themselves which  which not only do not have a page
> number, but appear
> between two pages which are numbered consecutively
> like pages 55 and 56, so
> that no one would even know if the pages with the
> pictures are removed since
> there will be no gap in the page numbering.
> My experience with what Bookshare considers main
> content would suggest that
> only the main text is considered main content, and
> that anything else is
> optional.  My experience with volunteers on this
> list, however, is that they
> would like to see captions--and most everything
> else--included if at all
> possible.  I think the things that just about
> everyone has agreed they don't
> care to see are advertisements and order forms. 
> Bookshare would definitely
> consider them not main content.  My own thoughts
> would be that if material
> is left out when the book is published in a
> different format, then it wasn't
> main content.  I know that there are two editions in
> hardback of Marley and
> Me: one with pictures and one without.  In that
> instance, I'd consider the
> pictures not to be main content.
> Gerald
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Book Submitted in January
> Hi Everyone,
> Thank you to all of you who responded to my test
> message, and, yes, I did
> receive my copy as well.  John Glass, if you read
> this, special thanks to
> you for fixing my email address.
> On January 15, I submitted Steve Tasker's Tales of
> the Buffalo Bills by
> Steve Tasker and Scott Pitoniak.  (I notice the
> system reversed the names.
> I uploaded the book before I saw the messages
> discussing this problem.)  It
> is a light read and I think a good scan.  However, I
> was not aware of the
> need to remove page headers but retain page numbers.
>  I wonder if it would
> be better to set K1000 to ignore headers and
> footers, but then it would seem
> that the page numbers might go away, too.  Please
> let me know what you
> think.
> There are also some pages with photographs where the
> captions break up
> sentences.  (I would welcome any suggestions for
> editing books so the
> captions can come after the complete sentences.  I
> left it alone because I
> didn't know the legal ramifications of making such
> changes.)  Here is the
> book jacket info.
> A few days after becoming head coach of the Buffalo
> Bills midway through the
> 1986 season, Marv Levy made his first personnel
> decision, claiming Houston
> Oilers reserve wide receiver Steve Tasker off the
> waiver wire. It seemed
> like an afterthought at the time, but in retrospect,
> proved to be one of
> Levy's most prescient moves.
> Over the next 11 seasons, the diminutive 5-foot-9,
> 175- pound Tasker was a
> huge contributor as the Bills strung together an
> unprecedented four
> consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the early
> 1990s. Along the way, Tasker
> earned seven invitations to the Pro Bowl, and during
> the National Football
> League's 75th anniversary celebration, he was named
> the greatest special
> teams player of all-time.
> In Steve Tasker's Tales from the Buffalo Bills, the
> football star turned
> network television analyst takes a behind-the-
> scenes look at the
> franchise's most glorious era.
> With the assistance of award-winning sports
> columnist and author Scott
> Pitoniak, Tasker provides readers with insightful
> vignettes of colorful
> Bills personalities such as Levy, Jim Kelly, Bruce
> Smith, Thurman Thomas,
> and Ralph Wilson.
> He details the euphoria following the Bills'
> miraculous comeback from a
> 32-point deficit against the Houston Oilers in that
> 1993 Wildcard game, and
> the devastation after Scott Norwood's kick sailed
> wide right in Super Bowl
> XXV.
> There are humorous moments-like the time Ray Bentley
> nailed Fred Smerlas'
> cleats to the locker room floor- and the time Hall
> of Fame coach Hank Stram
> mistook Tasker for a caddie. And there are poignant
> moments-like the morning
> Levy told his players he had to take a leave of
> absence to undergo surgery
> for the removal of his cancerous prostate.
> Tasker takes the reader inside the helmet of NFL
> players, describing for
> them the deadly efficiency of the Bills' no- huddle
> offense ("There were
> times when we felt like we were unstoppable") and
> the effects of a jarring
> hit ("It's like being in a violent car wreck").
> I hope someone will be willing to validate this
> book.  If you aren't up to
> making the formatting changes, I guess you can
> reject it and I can fix it.
> I have the book, so can answer any questions you may
> have.  Thanks for all
> you do.  I really enjoy reading your posts, and have
> learned a lot already.
> Diane Scalzi, WI8K
> email: wi8k@xxxxxxxx
> phone: (586) 337-5226
> address: 21621 Briarcliff, St. Clair Shores, MI
> 48082

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