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Hello Bookshare friends:
Two more books in the Dragonlance world have been added to the collection.
Dalamar the Dark
(Dragonlance Classics #2) by Nancy Berberick 
Dalamar Argent, the elf, is only a servant in the house of an elvish lord,
not worthy of the High Art of Sorcery. As war simmers on the borders of
Silvanesti, Dalamar will find a way to become a wizard. His quest will take
him along dark paths toward an awesome destiny. 
Book Quality:
Dezra's Quest (Dragonlance Bridges of Time Series #5) by Chris Pierson
Darken Wood . . . even the name brings dread to humans. But it is home to
Ansalon's centaur tribes, where they have dwelt for ages in peace under the
Forestmaster's watchful eye. Now, ten years after the Summer of Chaos,
strife is tearing the centaurs apart. A mad chieftain seeks to overthrow his
enemies, and an even darker presence is changing the forest itself. Trephas,
a brave young warrior, sets out for Solace to seek aid against these
enemies. He finds more than he bargained for in Caramon Majere, Hero of the
Lance, and his spitfire daughter Dezra. Acclaimed Dragonlance author Chris
Pierson tells a tale of Ansalon's most mysterious race, the fabled centaurs.

Book Quality:
This completes the Bridges of Time Series.
thanks goes to Ann Petrous for proofing these 2 books

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