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Hi all,

I'm going to try and see if I can look in Google Books, but I have not had much luck. If anyone can take a look and see if they can find the following book and specifically page 155 I have some questions.

Thanks to all,


The Pleasures of Love




ISBN 0-399-13I31-9

This starts about a paragraph down on page 155

There seemed no end to the blows fate was dealing me. I did not pjiear of this until some days after the news had come to England. Lady Suffolk told me afterwards that the King had ordered that I Was not to be told until he considered it would be wise to do so. $, 'He said that Your Majesty would have to know in time but the mow would be too great for you, your health being what it is just pttow...'

He was right. It was a great shock to me. My mother was dead.It was, of course, some few years since I had seen her, but I had never thought of her dying. She had seemed indestructible... tounortal.

Charles himself broke the news to me.

He came in looking very sombre, threw his hat aside and, taking any hands in his, led me to a sofa where we sat close together. '" He said: I have sad news for you, Catherine. You are going to find this hard to bear.' I looked at him fearfully. 'It is your mother.' 'She is ill?'

He hesitated and I stared at him in horror. 'She has had much to trouble her. She worked too hard. We none of us are here forever, you know.' 'But she...'

I know how you cared for her. But she is gone and your home is here now.' I turned to him and he put his arms about me and held me §against him.

I felt bereft... alone. She had meant so much to me, and although

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