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Hi Everyone!

I just tried something that worked, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

I am proofreading a book that seems to have two pages missing, because the numbers aren't exactly lining up, thow I am not sure until I examine it further with a previous backup of the book where the numbering first got off, thinking I didn't notice what I was doing with the numbering immediately. If I feel that pages are actually missing rather than me just goofing up the numbering, I might have to contact the submitter.

Here is what I did that worked to see if she could be contacted.

I went to My Checked Out Books, hit the link for the title of the book I was concerned with, then went down to View book history, which is the last thing before you get down to Site Navigation. I hit the link for View book history and went all the way to the bottom of it, though I don't know if I have to go that far. I went that far, because I wanted to see whether the submitter left her email address. She did not. I hit the link for her name, and my email client, Eudora launched with its To: line filled in with the submitter's address. I haven't written to her yet, because I want to make sure I just didn't misnumber pages, since it's not obvious that pages are missing from the text, since there isn't a glaring gap as there usually is when pages are missing. The text itself is almost pristine.

Knowing this, you can contact the submitter without asking on the list, only to find out that someone either has never been on the list or no one here knows how to contact the submitter. Now, I'm hoping Eudora has a current email addy in its To: line in case I need it.

Happy scaning and proofreading!



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