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Dear Booksharian Friends,

Knowing some of you are fans of medical thrillers, here's a news flash.  When 
Carrie gets back next Monday or Tuesday, there will be a new book of Medical 
suspense in the Bookshare collection to rivet you to whatever book reader 
you're using. The Carrier is a 275 page novel by Holden Scott`, Evan scanned 
and I proofread reading  through it in three days, which is fast for me. It's 
about a cancer cure gone wrong with a sympathetic young medical researcher 
trying to save his girlfriend, but killing those he touches as he makes his way 
across the country to find her. The author draws a heartbreakingly realistic 
picture of the ravages of cancer to its victims and those who love them, but 
not in a windy, preachy way. He never loses sight of the suspense. Not that I 
mean to spoil the ending, I can't help but say I wouldn't recommend a book that 
made me feel worse when I finished reading it than when I started. 

I'd be glad of any medical suspense recs any of you have, though I've already 
covered Robin Cook completely and read some of Palmer and Garretson's 

The long and short synopsis follow my signature.

Always with love,


Med student Jack secretly develops a cancer cure for his dying girl friend. His 
jealous supervisor tampers with the drug and has Jack expelled. Seeking his 
sweetheart, the drug gone amok within him, well-meaning Jack unknowingly kills 
with a touch. The FBI races to shoot him on sight. Heart-stopping suspense.

"A brilliant Harvard Ph.D. candidate discovers a cure for cancer--a discovery 
that pits him against his mentor and the FBI in a cross-country race against 

Jack Collier Is a brilliant but troubled Ph.D. candidate at Harvard--a kid from 
the wrong side of the tracks. But he has an idea that will make medical 
history: train Strep A bacteria (also known as flesh-eating bacteria) to attack 
tumors rather than healthy flesh. When his mentor, a renowned professor, steals 
Jack's idea and sets him up to get expelled from Harvard, Jack is nearly 
destroyed. All he knows is that he has to put as much distance between himself 
and Harvard as possible. And his first priority is to find the girlfriend who 
left him--the one person who can most benefit from Jack's medical discovery. 
But as Jack travels across the country, he unknowingly leaves a wake of death 
in his tracks, because something terrible has happened with the cure--something 
Jack could never have predicted. A sympathetic FBI agent wants to find Jack and 
stop him--before those who want to see his genius silenced find him first.

Filled with groundbreaking medical and scientific details, Holden Scott's 
latest thriller is his most fascinating and imaginative yet."

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