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Hi Everyone, Recieved this approval earlier but didn't let you all know. Enjoy, 
Date:  7-17-06

Category: Romance 

Pages: 387 

Title: A Sudden Change of Heart 


Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford  


Copyright: 1999 by Barbara Taylor Bradford 


Short Synopsis: Friendship, romance, and art-works stolen by the Nazis lead two 
women down a twisted path to a surprising conclusion.


ISBN:  0-440-23514-6


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: Nothing hurts like the truth.  A truth 
that has haunted Claire Benson all her life.  A truth that Claire has revealed 
to no one, not even to her best friend, international art dealer Laura Valiant. 
 But the friendship that has sheltered both women throughout childhood, 
marriage, and divorce is about to meet its greatest test.  Suddenly old 
nightmares surface as Claire turns to her dearest friend for help.  And as 
Laura's career leads her into the past, in an investigation of artwork stolen 
by the Nazis, she uncovers disturbing links to the present, to Claire, and a 
profoundly personal reason to follow a twisted trail to its surprising end.


Notes:  The copyright has been verified by a sighted person.  This book 
contains many French and other foreign words.

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