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    Hi Everyone, Anybody like Westerns? Enjoy, Tom
Date:  7-23-06

Category: Western 

Pages: 336 

Title: The Virginia City Trail 


Author: Ralph Compton 


Copyright: 1994 by Ralph Compton 


Short Synopsis: Another superb tale from the old west by Ralph Compton. 
Includes footnotes. 


ISBN: 0-312-95306-2


Long Synopsis:  FROM THE BACK COVER: With a dream of building a ranching empire 
in Montana, Nelson Story set off on one of the most extraordinary journeys in 
frontier history.  By his side was a bunch of misfits and renegades,  hard 
fighting, war bitten Texans with nothing left to lose.  On his tail was the 
worst kind of enemy, brutal outlaws fixing to bleed his trail drive dry.  
Pushing his way through four harsh territories and three brutal seasons.  Story 
would defy the Union Army, get a hold of a hundred Remingtons, and take on a 
thousand riled up Sioux warriors, before he reached Virginia City, and came 
face to face with the man who wanted him dead.


Notes:  The copyright has been verified by a sighted person. This book contains 
many Spanish and pidgin English words, written in the dialect of the old west.

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