[biztech-discussion] Off-Shoring Discussion on Joel's Blog

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  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 12:13:36 -0500

Following is a link to a recent, rather comprehensive discussion from 
programmers r.e. offshoring.


This doesn't address the additional impact of L-1 and H-1B visas on 
U.S. workers. 

My direct observations are -- offshoring limits the number of jobs I 
can choose from; L-1 + H-1B visa holders drive the compensation for 
remaining jobs way down and create a "dumbing-down" phenomenon where my 
ability to write a coherent procedure becomes much less important than 
my ability to use the latest version of the desktop publishing software 
(or even dumber, the version control software).

I just got an inquiry this am for work that requires relocation 400 
miles away at my own expense for 60% of my current rate. This is from a 
company that is grabbing a lot of headlines for its retraining programs 
for employees whose jobs are being outsourced. Just before I hung up, I 
suggested to the recruiter that they would get what they paid for, and 
he agreed. 

Sure is strange ... people running billion-dollar companies believing 
in the existence of a free lunch.

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