[biztech-discussion] 9 million lose health insurance

  • From: "Samantha Clark" <sclark.abq@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 13:26:28 -0600

My Co-Chair Roger just send me a link about Americans losing health
insurance coverage. This goes hand in hand with the overall quality of jobs
deteriorating, along with our standard of living dropping.


> Nine million Americans lost health insurance under Bush
> The number of Americans receiving health insurance through private
> employers is decreasing, according to a study financed by the Robert
> Wood Johnson Foundation.  Since 2001, the percentage of Americans under
> 65 with employer-backed health insurance has fallen from 67 percent to
> 63 percent, affecting nearly 9 million people.  A recent series of
> reports from the Institute of Medicine examined the medical, economic
> and social consequences of living without health insurance for
> individuals, their families, health care systems and institutions, and
> communities.
> http://www.national-academies.org/headlines#sh0804
> Roger

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