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Greetings everyone,

I maintain two hummingbird feeders, refilling both about every 4 or 5 days.  
They are pretty steady feeders as of the last few weeks.  I've never seen a 
nest, but I'm sure there were some close by.  My wife and I live just southeast 
of Berea on 5 acres (half trees - half lawn and field).

There are two bluebirds nesting now.  I checked one box yesterday with two or 
three naked babies.  I can't access a second box without taking the front of 
the box off, so I can't tell what's going on there, except that the parents are 
taking food in pretty steadily.  I have three boxes.  One at the front of the 
property, one at the edge of my garden, and one at the edge of the pond - all 
spaced approximately 250 to 300 feet apart.

This will make at least the third nesting for one of the pairs.  Their first 
was successful.
The second nesting was attempted in a then-empty martin house.  I was okay with 
that, but then some house sparrows took over the nest site and dropped the 
bluebirds eggs out in the edge of the garden.  Tree swallows had previously 
nested in the bluebird box next to the garden, so I cleaned it out and the 
bluebirds claimed it quickly.

Speaking of the Tree Swallows - I was happy to have them nest in one of my 
bluebird boxes.  That was my first experience with these guys.  They were a 
great consolation prize, in that, once again, no martins came this year to my 
martin houses.  I decided to call them my MINI-MARTINS.  They were a delight to 
watch through the weeks that they were there, except for the times that I got a 
little too close to the box while gardening, and one or both of the parents 
swooped within inches of my head, scolding me with their squeaky chirps.  More 
than one time, it raised the hair on my head.

Sorry to make this so long - this is my first posting.  I'll try to be brief in 
future postings. 

Have a great day.

Ralph Arvin
997 Gabbardtown Rd
Berea, Ky
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