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  • From: Elaine Levia <elevia@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 12:44:58 -0700

I'd agree with Brian-- you also may have to use a different type of content
box. Have you tinkered with the Media/HTML box options? The Springshare
tutorial should work, and as far as I know, Google Sites does support
javascript. It just has to play nicely with its environment, otherwise some
buttons are left off.

--A wistful Wordpress user

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Thomas, Brian <bthomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Hi Susan,
>  I don’t use Destiny, but have been able to adjust embed codes to use on
> Google Sites.  I’m guessing that because accessing Destiny’s database is
> beyond html, (using SQL or the like) is the reason it’s not working.  I’m
> sure it’s possible.  I’m not sure how much tinkering is required.
>   Brian Thomas
> Director of Library Media Services
> Saint Mary’s College High School
>   From: Susan Bogas <sbogas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 12:03 PM
> To: "baisl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <baisl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [baisl] Follett Destiny
>   Dear members of our collective wisdom!
>  I would like to add a widget to my library Google Site for searching
> Destiny.  I have found the html code for doing that in a LibGuides
> <http://cp.mcafee.com/d/k-Kr4x8qdEI8FETpuohdTdKc6zBCXbz1JNwQsIToLsSUMqemrIKfCT1P2oVxWVIxcDlnq0GARr4Ws01dQCHoDjw09LPhPXKFIfZvxMVdV6_nKnjh76zDAmkmrIfYJt6OaaJPhONOEuvkzaT0QSyrhdTV55YsYqem1P8UTsS039-uJR5EOwhEjSfYLxYy4tymJIZfGhNSFV_PCr8raxVsxlK5L1jIvY-l9QU02rsjhudCBIxIG7CBQQg2ZjP_DcQg1TQDa1oSCOrbmvL>
> page but it doesn't work on Google Sites. :(  I know that quite a few of
> you use Destiny and I am wondering if anyone has been clever enough to
> write the code for this.  Unfortunately Follett just tells me that they
> don't support widgets.
>  Thank you in advance!
>  Susan
>  --
> Susan Bogas, Librarian
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> 1000 Upper Happy Valley Road
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> fax: (925) 299-0469
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