[bactttoma] From Steven Taylor. Book review. This is the grass. by Alan Marshall.

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From Steven Taylor.

Book Review.

This is the grass.

by Alan Marshall.

Completely remastered for daisy from the original recording.

Read by the author himself.

Australian author.

For those of you who don't  know the story of the life of  the now late Alan 
Marshall,  he was a child who contracted polio at the age of 6 who wrote quite 
a few books.

Books include.

I Can Jump Puddles.

This is the grass.

In my own Heart.

And quite a few short stories for children one called the silly pup.

This book tells of Alan's battles as an adult living through the depression.

It tells us of the lack of rites for disabled people, the things disabled 
people had to deal with and tells us of a boarding house where Alan had to 
fight all sorts of battles.

Alan tells it like it was for people who were disabled, getting ripped off, 
being taken advantage of, and how it was expected that you had to physically 
defend yourself to  prove yourself a man and to stop all of this from happening.

I will confess, not my favourite Alan Marshall book, sure things were hard, I 
can't imagine how hard they really were, but this book gave me the impression 
that Alan had a big case of self pity chips on his shoulders.

It was probably never intended this way, of this I have no doubts.

I love the way he fights back though the only way he could taking matters in to 
his own hands.

Some fights were won, others were lost.

I loved Arthur Alan's friend and the things Arthur did for him, but I won't 
tell you what happens to Alan and Arthur.

The thing I like when authors read their own books is that they really know the 
voices of their characters well and they have a great sense of how their 
characters felt and why.

So put this book on your request list if you are an Alan Marshall lover, 
because all in all a good book I loved the ending but I won't tell you what it 


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