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  • From: taylor family <steven_taylor10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 12:35:21 +1000

From Steven Taylor.

Yep, absolutely right!

Easy for somebody to say I'll pass on your complaint and then say I doubt you 
will hear from anyone, but if people who complain don't hear from anyone, it 
usually means in my experience the complaint wasn't passed on.

Keep complaining,  I'll join in as well.


On 05/05/2010, at 11:53 AM, Franklin Brent wrote:

> Hi all,
> With SBS digital radio making several changes I've phoned and complained 
> about the removal of the BBC service. This has been replaced with a 24 hour 
> music station, and I don't think SBS should really be about music. Sure they 
> can have music stations, but being the only English speaking station amongst 
> many digital stations it was the only SBS station I listened to.
> My reason for complaining is the BBC was an information station, and I have 
> no interest in the rest of the stations.
> Now they told me they'd pass the complaint on. I also left my contact 
> information, and they sed "we doubt you will hear back from anyone". I find 
> this a worry, and am more than likely to complain again, because if not one 
> person can be bothered getting back to me, I don't know if my complaint was 
> passed on or not?.
> I urge others who don't like the change to complain as well, the more that do 
> the better the chances of getting this station returned,
> Brent.
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