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Hi Wayne,

Thank you for the heads up. It was almost all over except the shouting by
the time I got out there. The "X" was on the terminator vs. other times when
I have caught it just off the terminator but illuminated by the sunrise
giving it a very pronounced "X" form. Fun all the same. Did get a couple of
images of it. Posted one of them here (An earlier lunar "X" is in that album
as well):


Thank you,

Jimmy Ray

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Benson, AZ 85602
hm ph: 520-586-2244 Take out your telescope and look at the terminator of
the moon. The lighting will only be correct for a few hours. You will see an
obvious "X" along the terminator formed by the crater Purbach and a couple
others. It's an interesting lighting display if nothing else, kind of like
forming pictures in the clouds like many of us did as kids.
Clear skies,
Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)

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