[AZ-Observing] Re: [TAAA_Forum] Perseids winding down?

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Lucia Wheele
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That was our experience as well. Last night was much better. Dolores and
I went out for an hour from 12:30am -1:30am and saw 15 Perseids and 7
sporadics (which would include Upsilon Pegasids if we saw any). I got 4
of the brightest ones in images at:


On 8/13/2013 5:32 PM, Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy) wrote:
> 15480 Empire Rd.
> Benson, AZ 85602
> hm ph: 520-586-2244
> Hmmm, the Perseids must have been pretty active about that time, Jim. I 
> went out at 12:30am and saw 5 meteors in one minute and then saw 3 meteors 
> in about 30 seconds at about 1am. After that not much more meteoritic 
> activity was seen, but I was mostly observing through my telescope until 
> about 2:30am. The clouds started blowing in at about 2am and it completely 
> clouded over at about 3am.
>> Wayne,
>> I went out last night at about midnight, saw 8 perseids in about 10 min. 
>> Then went to bed.
>> Jim McCaw
> A couple broad bands of high, thin clouds started coming in about 2am from 
> the south but up until then I was able to see M74 with its current 
> supernova. The exploding star seems to be the brightest of the stars 
> around the galaxy by about 0.5 magnitudes.
> I decided to mostly concentrate on objects near the north star and into 
> Cepheus.  I use Polaris for collimating my telescope all the time but I 
> don't seem to look at objects in its general area. I first found NGC 188 
> and saw it to be a dim, spread out open cluster only a few degrees from 
> the pole star. Since the rest of the sky was looking pretty soupy I 
> decided to stay with the deepsky objects in the northern sky. There is a 
> nice, loose grouping of pretty faint and pretty small galaxies in the 
> general area: NGCs 2276, 2300, plus IC 455 a somewhat fainter and smaller 
> galaxy nearly in line with them. NGC 2268 is about a degree south from 
> this grouping . I detected a couple other much fainter galaxies scattered 
> among the group and according to my U2000 chart, which I didn't use last 
> night, there are about a dozen much fainter galaxies nearby. I spotted a 
> couple nice planetary nebulae before the clouds blotted out the sky: IC 
> 1454 and the slightly larger NGC 7139. I even found
  a couple small, compact diffuse nebulae, NGC 7129 and 7133, near a 
scattered open cluster, NGC 7142, just as the clouds were obliterating the 
> It was a calm, comfortable night at about 65 degrees F when I went to bed 
> with good seeing and good transparency until the clouds moved in. I stayed 
> outside for about another half hour just to see if any more Perseids would 
> make an appearance. The final surprise of the night was a nice -3magn 
> orangish meteor with a persistent trail up in the north but originating 
> from the delta Aquarid radiant.
> Clear skies,
> Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)
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