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  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:17:59 -0700 (PDT)

We had a grazing ocultation in Southern Arizona, the
whole southern half of the State would be my guess.

Pluto never occulted that miserable little star !!! 
It went right through the atmosphere, so to speak.

Apparently this has taken nothing out of the fun that
my friends, Steve Keith and Victor, got out of it.

By the way, do not expect to go to Pluto and breathe,
that atmosphere is what I call a good vacuum.

Do you know the effort they put to produce that little
plot !
Three guys out of their mind, totally obsessed with
astro photography, if you want to know my opinion. 

650 pictures, seen one, seen them all. 300 plus
megabytes at the National Solar Observatory server !!
After looking at 10 or so, it was like watching paint

They did get very accurate timing, good for them !

I never saw it, it was a tenth of a magnitude wink for
4 minutes !
Between Comet NcNaught and this thing, I have had no
luck this year !

When is Tucson going to see another good occultation
by Pluto ?
Not in my lifetime !!

Victor has posted (in addition to his earlier
material) a map, plots from other amateur and
educational observatories, and photos of them, at



Anon V. H. Humorist
senior observer

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