[AZ-Observing] Re: M16 - Hubble Palette

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Good spot Howard...
I did not see it. I had asked Mike where the remote was, but did not see a
Then I saw where a couple more people asked.....   and still no reply from
I'm starting to think..... he is wondering why we asked.
Then I see your response (which we all seem to agree with...). And up pops
But how did you know ???
So I read the prior messages.  And there it is......   Hiding in plain sight
Got to remember....   Read the whole message !!!

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Hi Mike,

Holy Mackerel!  Spectacular.  Looks like a Hubble image!

Thanks for sharing!

Benson is on the way to my remote site in New Mexico.
Benson should have pretty good skies...  How close to town is your


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