[AZ-Observing] For all you refractor owners

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 19:45:06 -0700

 Recently I was reading a 1990-91 volume of the
 magazine titled "Telescope Making", there is a special
 tribute to the refractor telescope by an amateur
 astronomer  Ronald Tanguay. His tribute is called "The
 23rd Psalm for the Refractor" Read it below:

    " The Refractor is my telescope; I shall not want
 no other. It maketh me see sharp images of the
 Planets; it restoreth my faith in optics; it leadeth
 me to abundance of Planetary Detail. Yea, though I
 walk through the Valley Schmidt-Cass and Dumb Dob, I
 shall fear no telescope, for the Achromat and the
 Apochromat are with me, and comfort me. Thou preparest
 a path before me in the presence of High
 Resolution;Thou annointest my eye with Crisp Images
 and High Contrast. The images of others pale before
 Thee and Thou knowest no equal. Surely Thou shalt
 display the true beauty of the Planets to my frail
 eyes for al the days of my life, and I shall glory in
 the superior Definition of Thy images forever."

Now I know why there are all those double stars list, they are for you 
refractor owners


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