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This list should have been included in the one sent earlier, but was 
overlooked.  So far none have been submitted for objects in this list.  Please 
give these priority over the ones in the earlier e-mail.
Let's take a second trip to the Twins, Gemini, for April.  We will have a nice 
variety of deep sky types for our viewing pleasure.  The first is IC 444, a 
bright nebula with a mag 9.5 star involved.  Next is the cluster NGC2304, which 
is pretty large.  How many stars do you see and what Trumpler classification 
would you give?  This is followed up with NGC2355, another cluster, which is 
about twice as large as the prior cluster.  How do these two compare?  
Continuing with the open cluster theme is NGC2395 and is even larger and 
brighter than the prior two.  Do you agree?  Next is the planetary nebula PK 
205+14.1 also known as Abell 21 or the Medusa Nebula.  It is large and has a 
low surface brightness.  Try using a UHC.  Finally is the open cluster NGC2420 
that is pretty rich, meaning how many stars do you see?  Note all of the open 
clusters are entries on the Herschel 400 list.  Yes, some of these selections 
will be a challenge and will be worth the effort.  Enjoy your observations.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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