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Hi Ana,

It can't hurt to clean up the RAM memory allocation, regardless. (A restart / reboot will help with this anyway.)

If you have Iolo System Mechanic 7 from (latest update 7.5.6 works a treat with XP) this will help (quoting from the System Mechanic Individual tools menu) to "Defragment the RAM to improve overall system speed and stability." and fix any registry issues that might be causing your problems.

For the benefit of Brian (C) who appears to be unaware of the concept of RAM fragmentation (not the physical chips themselves Brian but the dynamic memory allocation of their available memory by the OS) here is what the System Mechanic help states on the topic.

What is Memory Defragmentation?

Memory fragmentation occurs over time as memory is allocated and released by programs. Your computer may have many unused blocks of memory mixed in with the used blocks of memory.

Programs need a contiguous area of memory (memory usage by a program cannot be fragmented like data on a disk). When memory becomes highly fragmented and Windows runs out of free memory, programs do not have enough memory to function properly. Overall PC performance declines, and programs may not open or may run slower or frequently crash.

Hope that helps.


Micky G.

Michael Granat
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At 08:41 23/01/2008, you wrote:
I am not sure if cleaning up the RAM will help, but I
am willing to give it a try.

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