[audio-pals] Today

  • From: "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 19:34:58 -0400

Well I got quite a bit accomplished today, but I have one more thing that I
should have been looking at a while back still to do. I have been avoiding
it and now I have to also prepare for an exam that is on Tuesday. I have to
force myself to write a 5-7 page paper that is due on Monday. It is an
intercultural interview. So, I have to pick someone that is different from
me in age (at least 10 years), sex, gender, race, or ethnicity. I have
chosen to interview Amanda, but the tough part is I have to relate my
questions to something that we have talked about this semester in class and
interview her on that. The questions have to be open ended. I have had this
assignment back before spring break, but have gotten bogged down on it
because I have to formulate the questions. I messed up by looking at the
example the Professor provided because now I am judging my quality against
that paper. Then I further messed up by going to the Professor because now
she has suggested I interview Amanda on the paper I wrote about FMLA, our
policy assignment earlier in the semester. Then if it doesn't get worse I
asked her about the recent diagnosis and implementing that in the interview.
She said of course, but then tie it into something with FMLA. Oh man I am
more confused than when I started this assignment *LOL*. Well, if I do not
make it back before Easter I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. Good news is
I have walked around the house today without any support on my ankle so I
think I am on the mend and the boot that has supported my ankle can be put
away which is great because it makes walking quite awkward. Talk to you all

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