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Congratulations Josh to both you and Amanda!!  Really awesome accomplishment
while raising a young man, kudos to you both!BethAnn
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Everyone,  I finished my last exam of hopefully my undergraduate career this
morning. Amanda finished up a couple of weeks ago. This is the big week, I walk
in the graduation ceremony on Thursday and Amanda walks on Saturday. I think I
will still walk even if something happens with these last two grades that are
still out, which I hope everything is fine, but until the final word is given
it is still a bit stressful waiting. So, now it is time to relax for a bit and
over the summer and fall break I will be contemplating my next move. So, I
notice that the list traffic is unbareable due to the excessive emails coming
through. Please! Please! Slow them donw and allow me time to catch up. I hope
my Plingo was taken well *LOL*.   

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