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  WHATS YOUR?Age:  Ask my kids that one because I never rememberBirthday:  Try
not to think about birthdays anymore......I don't want the reminder of growing
older each yearRelationship status: single parentBiggest fear: Something I
already experienced twice and hope it doesn't happen againDream Job:  owning a
craft businessDream Car: I am happy with what I drive.  It's the only asset I
ownDream House: It doesn't matter where I live as long I am happy to have a
roof over my head
DO YOULike someone: Who doesn't like somebody?
Love someone: I hope someone loves me!!
Have a tattoo: No  
Have a piercing: Ears onlyParty: Not today FAVOURITE?Artist: I have a
coupleMovie: Depends on my mood at the timeSong: I have a list full from the
80sTV series: Revenge Animal: cats
Book:  Little house series but currently reading 50 shades
Colour: Maroon
 THIS OR THAT?Twitter or facebook: Facebook Twitter or Instagram: Havent used
in a while
Facebook or Instagram: Facebook        Where's Pinterest? Coke or Pepsi: Coke 
Zero Tea or Coffee: TeaTacos or Pizza: Pizza Winter or summer: Summer    WOULD
YOU EVER?Get married: Did once Have Kids: I am a mum   
Swim with sharks: No thanks  Share a banana: Don't barely eat bananas
Eat rotten food:  NO WAY!!!  

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