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sorry to hear Susie been busy packing etc to move
On 2015-04-28 4:18 PM, jazzyjennifer wrote:

i'm sorry about your loss. my throughts and prayers are with you.

On 4/28/2015 4:13 AM, Susan Waaga wrote:
This week isn't really the best week of this month of April. Sadly my Auntie died yesterday morning after a short battle with cancer. I only seen her 8 days before the worse of the cancer set in. Within 3 weeks (between two scans) the cancer rapidly spread throughout her organs, bones and her brain but in the last three days of her life was the worse situation of all. The poor thing!! I am grateful I had the opportunity to see her on the school holidays and said my goodbyes to her then as we all knew she was terminally ill. Just no one wasn't expecting to hit so fast!! Sadly I won't be able to attend to her funeral on this Friday afternoon I had already had prior commitment on Friday night.

Other than that, I had a busy month with school holiday activities. The first week I spend time with my girls. On that weekend I spend time with a family friend who was in town for afew days. We went dining out for dinner and seen a movie on Saturday night. On Sunday we had a day at a theme park.

In the second week Monique and I had afew days away up north. The purpose of this trip was to see my belated Auntie for the last time but we managed to spend time with afew of my other relatives and friends of mine.

Back to school for term 2 started last week. Today Rachel's school had their annual cross country event. Good timing really as we are forecast to start raining from tomorrow for a few days.

I hope everyone is well and will enjoy the month of May. To all members who still have a mum, enjoy your Mother's day with her. Suzi

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