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  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 07:37:43 -0800

I've been learning about Audacity and trying some things, with moderate success. I have a few questions though, which perhaps members of the community could help me with:

1. Could somebody explain to me exactly why it seems to benefit us to select everything with control-a before, for example, selecting bits of audio to remove or move around? I don't really understand this, and I would like to. If I'm going through a sound file and use the bracket keys to place selection markers, I can play the sound clip I've selected, but can't move it, cut it, apply effects or anything like that...but the helpful accessibility guide suggests that it's better to select all and then apply your changes. I guess I'd like to have some notion of why I'm doing what I apparently have to do. Also, I don't really comprehend how zooming is supposed to benefit those who can't see the screen, especially as so far as I can tell the zoom commands give no audio feedback whatsoever.

2. What is the difference between using the right and left arrow keys to move through a track, and using period and comma? Does one move the cursor while the other does not?

3. What's the best way to mix tracks so that each come in at different times. I must note that I specifically don't want them to be synchronised; I want to introduce the lead track, then bring in another a minute later, a third a minute after that, etc. I have so far figured out that I can place the cursor at a specific point and choose "align with cursor", I think, and it'll do what I need. Is this the best way? I still haven't figured out how to do fade ins and fade outs of specific tracks within a project, and that's my eventual goal.

4. I'm still not sure about this selection of tracks business. If I hit control-a, doesn't that select the entire project? What if I only want to apply effects or do work on specific tracks within the project? I understand the concept of muting and soloing, I think but that doesn't affect the editing process, so how can I make sure that what i've done applies only to the track(s) I want it to? For example, if I have mixed some sounds together and find that one of them is too loud, I want to reduce only the volume of the one track, not reduce the project's amplitude entirely.

Hope you all will bear with me here. I really want to master this stuff as much as I possibly can.

Thanks a lot.


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