[audacity4blind] USB Headsets, sound cards and multiple port adapters

  • From: Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 02:30:02 +0930

I got a very fancy set of headphones for my birthday (a Turtle Beach Px5, 
according to my search history). The installation process was really 
complicated so my sister went to do it for me. She'd almost finished when she 
got a warning that the sound card was invalid or something (I wasn't there and 
we haven't tried it since).

I'm on a laptop, and I've looked through my system but don't seem to have an 
inbuilt soundcard. The problem with getting another one is that my PC only has 
two USB ports. I use one for my internet, and the other for memory sticks and 
the like. I would need one for the headset, whether I was using the wireless 
modem thing that makes it awesome or plugging it directly into the computer 
(presumably to be charged). Then, I'll need another USB port for the soundcard 
needed to run the headset in the first place.

Being an expensive thing, I'm hoping the microphone is of better quality than 
the ones on the headsets I've used in the past. I read somewhere on the wiki 
that attaching devices via a multiport USB adapter (which I'm going to need if 
this has a chance of working out at all) affects the recording quality in a 
negative way, but I don't understand how that could be, and as I said, I'll 
need one if I'm going to set this thing up on my computer at some point in the 
foreseeable future.

I need some tech-savvy list member to explain things for me. If there's a 
solution to my soundcard problem that's easy to implement (meaning we don't 
have to be tech-savvy or pay someone else to get the job done), I'd appreciate 
knowing that as well. I would love to test this thing out in Audacity. If I can 
get a decent recording from it, I'd be seriously rapt. :)

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