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  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 11:06:53 -0700

Hi Ron,
I, too, am a JAWS user but don't have access to the turntable you're
speaking of.  One thing I was wondering, though, you say you have JAWS 7.0
running.  Have you thought about upgrading to JAWS 7.1?  It's a free upgrade
and I know they made lots of changes with that upgrade in terms of the
interface.  I'd upgrade by completely removing JAWS 7.0, including shared
components, then downloading and installing JAWS 7.1.  If you're using
Windows XP, you can use Narrator to give you feedback on what's happening
when you don't have JAWS on your system.
Pete De Vasto


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Hi all.
I have recently purchased an Ion USB turntable and am using Jaws 7.0.  
Having followed the instructions setting up audacity's preferences and the
same with the stuff in Control Pannel, I thought I was ok to get started.
My problem is that as soon as I plug the turntable into the computer's USB
port, it says new software detected and the Jaws stops talking.
I know it is all set up correctly otherwise as a sighted person has recorded
something from the turntable.
Any ideas on what the problem is?
Many thanks in advance.

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