[audacity4blind] Re: Moving a track's starting position, relative to other tracks

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Hi Jacob
Not sure that I understand all your question, but I think you're ask about 
align tracks, like you have a narration track, a backround music, and you would 
like the backround to play at a specific time. If I right, you can do it by the 
folowing steps
1. Example, I have track 1 is narration voice, and track 2 is backround sound, 
press enter to select trak 1
2. Play track 1 until the time you'd like to add backround music. I recommend 
you solo this track before playing for easy.
3. Press p to pause, and [ to start selecting current track from this position
4. Press spacebar to stop playing, and enter to deselect current track
5. move to track 2 (backround sound), press enter to select this.
6. Go to track menu (alt+t), align track sub menu, and choose align with 
selection start.
Now the start position of track 2 set to the position where you start selecting 
on track 1.
Hope that help
Cuong Dang
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other tracks

  Know have asked something similar in past, but couldn't find any references 
to this in my mail archives, etc. - sorry.

  Either way, what it comes down to is, how simple/easy/possible is it to have 
like two tracks, and then shift the playback starting position of one of them 
to something like a specific time?

  Or is it still best to try initiating playback on original track, stop it at 
right time, and then paste second track in at that position, or something, from 
another audacity project?

  I would just have thought it should be simple enough to take one specific 
track, and just move/shift it's playback starting position to like a specific 
time, in relation to something like a global track/playback time frame, etc., 
and this is also partly since would be easier/simpler to be able to do this 
repeatedly to sort of fine tune something's playback starting time, instead of 
possibly having to over and over again paste/insert it at different points each 
time, and then if not completely happy with result, remove it and try again 
from scratch..?


  Stay well

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