[audacity4blind] Re: Maybe OT: Video clipping/splitting software?

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 10:23:49 +0200

Ok, still somewhat OT, except that this is one of my primary reasons/activities 
with audacity at this stage, but, seems simplest way to actually split video 
clip into chunks is to in fact also use virtualDub, which is the same piece of 
software then use to replace soundTracks of video files as well.

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  Firstly, the primary reason am looking into this is since, if I try working 
on using audacity to match alignment of a narrated soundtrack with the audio of 
a video clip of something like a full on movie, then firstly it seems to put 
way too much of a processor overload on my PC, and also uses up a lot of hard 
drive space while processing alignment, and then using something like 
virtualDub to actually replace soundtrack of video itself, etc.

  Anyway, was thinking that since it's simple enough to then clip soundtrack 
files into somewhat shorter pieces - like 20 minutes long each - using audacity 
etc., it would be best/simplest to then firstly split video clip up into pieces 
itself, so that then when handling the part of the process to replace video 
clip soundtrack, I would also be working with smaller pieces, etc.

  Alternatively, suppose could split audio tracks up into pieces, work with 
them, and then use audacity to recombine them, but, that would also just add 
time, and possible mess-up steps to process, so thought might as well ask first 
if anyone knows of some or other usable, free software to in fact just do 
something simple, like split up a video clip into pieces?

  Have found a few that are meant to be able to do it, but, they're either not 
free, or their interfaces are rather unusable - like windows movie maker, for 


  Jacob Kruger
  Blind Biker
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  '...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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