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Here's my answers.
1.  Yes.
2.  Resources for Screen Reader Users
3. Links to tutorials and tips for using Audacity with a screen reader.

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A suggestion came up recently in discussions among the Audacity team, that
it might be helpful if the Audacity website (https://www.audacityteam.org/)
had an additional page specifically for VI users. This page could include
direct links to resources that are specifically relevant to VI users, such
as the JAWs guide that I've seen mentioned on this list, and direct links
to the latest screen reader accessible version of Audacity. I have three
1. Do you think that a page, specifically for VI users would be a good
2.  If we do add such a page, what should it be called?
3.  If we do add such a page, what would you like included on it?


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