OpenDevNight this Wednesday, MacRobert Building, 5pm

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 00:42:21 +0000

CompSci peeps -

This Wednesday is the first of our new stint of rechristened OpenDevNights, and 
we'll be running a workshop on the command-line interface - the Windows DOS 
command line and the Unix terminal, their basic usage, Bash scripting, 
coreutils and tools, and other tricks for people too cool to use a mouse. The 
OpenDevNights run in the MacRobert building, in the last computer lab on the 
right, on the first floor (come meet up in the foyer if you get lost), from 
5pm, and finish late - bring junk food. (It's worth knowing that being fundless 
scum, I'll trade code for cola.)

After the workshops, archives of the code and anything else tangible that we 
came up with will go up on the forum, which you should get used to me pimping 
like it was a purple fur coat.

Lastly, in a grand show of statistics, Mick is the lucky winner of cake. There 
will be cake solely for Mick.

Alicia Mason
President, Computing Science Society

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