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Hi Nathan,

OK, now I have a better understanding of where you're coming from.=20

I am trying to think of an application that you can use to burst or=20
compile documents, with Word as the basis. As you've already said, it=20
would be best to get the versions off the individual contributor's PCs=20
(can you get some kind of management/departmental support on this?) so=20
that there is only one main version. There isn't anything I can think of=20
off the top of my head, but I'm sure I've come across some tools or=20
workflows that would suit this situation.=20

Check out the session materials from last week's STC conference in Dallas: =

I couldn't find anything too specific in a quick search; there were=20
sessions on single sourcing with Word & XML plug-ins with Word (I've=20
checked the handouts I picked up, couldn't find anything that quite fitted =

your situation). There might be something useful there.=20

Sorry I can't be of more help,

Kirsty Taylor=20
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Hi Kirsty,

The main need is for documentation that has input from a lot of
different people in the department. Some of them produce whole docs,
others chunks of docs. The main problems we are trying to solve are

1. They keep a copy of the document they send us which makes versioning
a nighmare, because if we edit anything then next time around we have to
make the same edits because they insist on keeping a copy on their C:

2. They adjust the styles/fonts.

I know a version control system (like CVS or Source Safe) might help
with the version control issues, but it doesn't help compile one big
document out of it all. Republico seems to fit the bill and we don't
really have any problems with using it. We just want to do our homework
properly and make sure there is not some wonderful product out there
that we have missed investigating.

I'd love to hear about any products that know about.


>>> Kirsty.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxx 30/05/03 10:51:30 >>>
Hi Nathan,

Are you wanting to reproduce whole documents or just chunks of
I'm not overly familiar with Repulico, but have just had a quick look
their website. There's a bunch of Content Management products in
Marketplace - most of which are probably overkill if you are wanting
reproduce or repurpose documents, but if you want to get to finer
of reuse, then I might be able to suggest a few for you.=3D20


Kirsty Taylor=3D20
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        Subject:        [astcq-discuss] Republico Alternative

Hi All,

We are looking for a solution to a few department-wide large
documentation issues. (You know, the ones where you are just
regurgitating stuff from other peoples documents.) We are considering
using Republico for this, but were wondering if there are any

Does anyone know of any products on the market that perform similar
functions to Republico?


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