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If you are not storing this information in the table, it will be *very*
difficult to extract it out, particularly as the number of potential
languages grow.

What is your database character set?  You could potentially look up
information on that character set and identify the range of "English",
"Japanese", and "Korean" characters.  You could then write a function
that looked at the characters in the column and figured out what range
they were from.  This will get really challenging, though, as you
increase the number of languages and try to deal with languages that use
the same set of characters (i.e. most Spanish, French, and English names
will come from the same range of characters).  For this reason, it is
easier to identify the language of a particular section of text the
longer the section of text is.

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Dear DBAs,

        One field of my table have english and non-english characters.
Is it possible to find the values only have non-english values.=3D20

        For Example
                Empname field of EMP table have 5 English Employees name
, 3 Japanese Employee name and 2 Korean Employee Name.

        I need to output likely=3D20
                English                 5
                Japanese        3
                Korean          2

Thanks in Advance
Mudhalvan M.M

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