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In our memory of Adam, we could also recall fondly how he described our
community in a report he wrote on AsiaLex 2014.



On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 1:41 AM, Chu-Ren Huang <churen.huang@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Friends of AsiaLex:

​ns me to ​
share with you
​the news ​
that Adam Kilgarriff passed away on 16 May. The news was posted by his
wife on his blog,


You can also read his las blog here


Adam has been

​a regular contributor
to AsiaLex
​ conferences and had a lot of collaborators in Asia. His most recent
a keynote speech at the last AsiaLex in Bali in
​Aug. ​
2013, and an important article 'The Sketch Engine: ten year on' to the
inaugural issue of Lexicography
​ in 2014​
​ In fact, these may even be among the last major academic activities in
his life.​

I will be delivering a keynote speech in Bali in two days (at PACLING)
​ and will dedicate the talk to him

​ also​
be thinking of
​ him and​
our last meeting and discussion
​here at the Bali Dynasty Hotel less than two years ago

​ Huang,
President, The Asian Association for Lexicography


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