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  • Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 17:44:42 +0200

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          Chris Terran <chris.terranova@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can anyone explain why the large numbers don't appear when the following
> file is exported as a PDF?
>   [8K archive]
> They only appear if "Export text as shapes" is ticked, which I'd rather
> not do. "[Embed] Even standard fonts" doesn't help -- the font is
> Homerton.Medium, which I think should map to Helvetica.

I have finally had a closer look at this problem. PDF export itself is 
working correctly, but the document is in an invalid state. The large 
numbers have a black line colour applied. This normally means that the 
text object holds internal path copies of the characters because the 
FontManager cannot render text with a coloured outline, so the text is 
rendered as shapes. The text objects in the file do not have any 
associated path outlines, so they behave as if no line colour had been 
applied. So, the object is in an inbetween state between not having a 
line colour and having a line colour.

Most likely, you did not apply a line colour to the text, i.e., you 
did want the line colour to be "none", which is supported by the state 
the rest of the text object is in. It seems that the applied line 
colour was changed from "None" to Black by a bug when you created the 
group. If I ungroup, apply line colour "None" to the text object and 
regroup, I end up with the file as it ought to be, and it exports to 
PDF correctly.

I am about to release a bug-fix update for various issues raised 
recently and I might be able to fix PDF export so it copes with such 
abnormal text objects. It will be more difficult to find out what 
triggered the spontaneous line colour change.

Martin Wuerthner           MW Software          lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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