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> On 8 May 2012 17:41, Kell Gatherer <kell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I have a complicated Artworks file with many layers [...]
>> Is there an export route that will preserve layers? For example, if I
>> purchase Corel Draw, would it be able to import my file, and then export it
>> in an editable form?
>> Advice greatly appreciated.
> I'm not sure if this would work, but a rudimentary test suggests it might
> (maybe Martin would be able to offer more guidance, having a foot in both
> camps), but you could export as ArtWorks EPS and then import into Xara
> Xtreme or Designer. Having tested this here with a vandalised copy of the
> ArtWorks Acorn, where I drew a squiggle on a new layer, it appeared that
> Xara Xtreme Pro 5 accepted the EPS and preserved the layers.

Yes, the EPS route will preserve layers, but it will fail with most 
other things. Nowadays, the recommended route from ArtWorks to Xara 
products is via PDF. Xara's import of ArtWorks EPS is not really 
suitable for anything but basic shapes. It goes wrong on most text, 
for instance.

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