[argyllcms] Re: Where do I find output of "profcheck"?

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Good morning Alan,

thanks for your help. I had thought that there will be a file generated with the output automatically.


Zitat von Alan Goldhammer <agoldhammer@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

It will be in the same directory as the files used to create the profile as well as the profile itself. However, you have to name the log file where the output will be stored. For example, I created a profile for Museo Portfolio Rag and wanted to create a log file to import into Excel. I would use the following command: 'profcheck -v2 -k -w MuseoPR.ti3 Museo_Portfolio_Rag.icm > logfile.log ' I would look for 'logfile.log' in the same directory to open in Excel.


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Good evening,

having successfully used profcheck (i.e. without errors or warnings) I am now searching my harddisk for the output. Where do I find this?


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